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March, 2023

With the help of Amelie, a French ISPO Category 1 Prosthetist, the staff of Prothea Kenya was trained in the production of high-quality prosthetic devices using the Ugani procedures.

During the month long training, the CPOs learned to use the digital workflow, allowing them to make more affordable, and more accessible devices.

December, 2023

With the help of 12 donors, 2400 USD was raised, and hand over to Prothea Kenya for the production of 10 prosthetics for underserved children in Kenya.

A large awareness campaign was run in Kenya to identify children in need of support, and 10 children are being fitted at the start of 2024.

Next to devices, the kids get support in the form of physiotherapy and psychological support.

Upcoming, 2024

Launching a Rolling Fund with the ambition to raise more than $10,000 to support amputees. This innovative fund already provides essential financial support, enabling access to quality prosthetics and rehabilitation services, aiming to improve autonomy and quality of life for its beneficiaries.

The fund is designed to be regenerative, with the ambition to support an increasing number of individuals over time. By investing in the mobility and independence of amputees, we strongly believe in the positive impact of this fund on their quality of life and social integration.

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