Our achievements

Our Achievements:
One Step Towards the Future, One Prosthesis at a Time

Our First Mission in Kenya

In the heart of Africa, our first mission in Kenya was a significant milestone in our commitment to amputees in low and middle-income countries. Our journey was inspired by a vision: to implement sustainable solutions for prosthetic accessibility.

Local Partnership with Prothea Kenya

Collaboration is at the core of our approach. That’s why we have established a strong partnership with Prothea Kenya, a local organization dedicated to amputees. Together, we are committed to providing essential prosthetic services throughout the region.

Training and Education

But our mission went beyond just service delivery. By actively training local prosthetists in the use of Ugani Prosthetics technology, we ensured a lasting impact far beyond our direct intervention.

Field Expertise: Amélie Leconte

Each mission requires dedicated experts. We had the honor of being joined by Amélie Leconte, a Category 1 accredited prosthetist by ISPO. Thanks to her expertise, we were able to bring about a positive transformation for many amputees in Kenya.

Sustainable Impact

What makes our work unique is our long-term vision. By training local prosthetists, we haven’t just helped the patients we directly served. We have laid the groundwork for lasting change, ensuring that access to prosthetics is possible and sustainable in low and middle-income regions.

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