To support hospitals and amputees in greatest need.

The Ugani Foundation: Serving Amputees

Founded in 2022, the Ugani Foundation is committed to restoring mobility and hope to amputees in low and middle-income countries. Every individual, regardless of age or circumstance, deserves a chance to lead a normal life. We work tirelessly every day to make this possible, combining passion, expertise, and solidarity to impact thousands of lives. With your assistance, we continue to advance our mission

Our Projects: Building Today, Inspiring Tomorrow.

At the heart of the Ugani Foundation, our projects embody our commitment to amputees in low and middle-income countries. Every initiative, every action we undertake is designed to bring about tangible change in people’s lives. From prosthetic accessibility programs to awareness and training, each project is a step forward in our mission to restore hope and independence. Discover below the impact of our work and the inspiring stories that result from it.

Our Achievements: Testimony of Our Commitment

The Ugani Foundation, since its inception, has always aspired to do more than just provide assistance; we have aimed to instill hope and renewal. Through this section, we wish to share with you the significant milestones and memorable moments of our journey. Each achievement is tangible evidence of our dedication to amputees in low and middle-income countries. They reflect the efforts, passion, and commitment of our entire team, as well as the trust and support that you, our community, bestow upon us. Immerse yourself in the stories that embody our impact and mission.

Ugani Foundation

While working in the field with Ugani Prosthetics, it became evident that technology is a problem, but solving it would not be enough.

Financial Stress

Many hospitals/countries do not have the necessary financial capabilities to adequately support their disabled citizens.

Lack of infrastructure

In light of centralized hospitals being given priority, many amputees are unable to access the care they need.

Social stress

It is not enough to obtain an appropriate medical device. Many amputees require social and psychological support to help them reintegrate into society.

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